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IPL 2022 | Sachin Tendulkar urges Mumbai Indians to “stick together and ride as a team”

Sachin Tendulkar urges Mumbai Indians to stick together and ride as a team

Mumbai Indians lost all seven matches after their defeat against Chennai Super Kings on Thursday, April 21, IPL 2022. Now Mumbai Indians almost have no chance to make it through the IPL 2022 playoffs. Indian cricket legend and mentor of Mumbai Indians, Sachin Tendulkar has asked his players to stick together in these tough times. He also said the Mumbai team is young and they will learn from their mistakes.

“Mumbai Indians are going through tough times, in this, we should stick together and then move forward as a team. Despite the challenging season, the boys have worked as hard as they possibly could; we as MI have raised expectations very high. This is a new and young team, they may take time to settle down but you have to ride together through these phases. Stick together as a team and find a solution,” Sachin said to broadcasters during the match.

He said “Every team has gone through this phase in T20 cricket. The format is cruel, the margins are very little, and you lose by 2-3 runs and sometimes off the last ball. We need to conquer those crunch moments”.

Sachin said the Mumbai team is young and they will learn from their mistakes. And also said about how he will handle this as a mentor.

“I try to give them solutions but guiding youngsters. Also, know when to not coach and only give them the freedom to express themselves. It’s a young team, they will make mistakes but that’s how they learn. We have to give them the direction for the energy and exuberance they have,” he concluded.

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MI’s head coach Mahela Jayawardene commented about openers Rohit Sharma and Ishan Kishan. As they both couldn’t perform well in this match and he will back them to make a strong comeback in the upcoming games.

“It has been up and down. To be honest, Ishan batted really well in the first couple of games, and then a bit of a slide. Rohit has been hitting the ball really well, he gets good starts, 15-20 runs, looking good and then not being able to convert,” Jayawardene said.


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