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R Ashwin – Talks about Jos Buttler’s runout – 2019 IPL

Ashwin tells that he is not someone who holds grudges. Also, there is no place for character assassination.

R Ashwin - Talks about Jos Buttler’s runout

When R Ashwin talks about Jos Buttler’s runout, he hopes that, after the MCC rules amendment, running out a non-striker for backing too far is actually recognised as a viable manner of dismissal. The 35-year-old added that it is up to the individual whether or not they want to do it, and that it is not a case of character assassination.

Ravichandran Ashwin says, “When the incident happened, I think it was Jos who felt deflated about it and quite upset. Rightly so, because it’s not accepted practice. It’s not something that happens day in and day out. I can totally understand that.”

“We’ll have to wait and watch. But the pace at which the game is going, the professionals are evolving and how the players are perceiving the game, I just hope and wish that it is looked upon as a legitimate form of dismissal. But whether somebody chooses to do it, or not to do it, is entirely up to them and it’s not a question of character assassination.”

MCC amendments

After the MCC recently legitimised running out non-strikers for backing up and made it plain that it would not be termed “unfair play,” Ashwin found himself in the spotlight. After the seasoned spinner, then with Punjab Kings (PBKS), ran out RR opener Jos Buttler during IPL 2019, a big debate started.

In the Indian Premier League 2019, Kings XI Punjab skipper Ravichandran Ashwin caused a controversial dismissal after a clash against Rajasthan Royals. Jos Buttler departed after a controversial run out from R Ashwin.

At the time, the right-handed batter was on 68 and looking excellent. But, sighting Buttler beyond his crease, Ashwin removed the stumps, bringing Buttler’s innings to a close at a key time of the game. Buttler got into a furious argument with Ashwin in the middle of the game and then stormed off, enraged.

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Because Ashwin had not warned Buttler even once before dismissing him in this manner, the incident generated a debate among cricket fans about whether the run out was in bad taste.

RR’s collapse began with Buttler’s departure, as they lost seven wickets in the last over. The side could only go to 170/9 in 20 overs after being set a target of 185. KXIP set a target of 185 for RR to chase after Chris Gayle hit 79 in 47 balls for the visitors.

When R Ashwin talks about Jos Buttler’s runout, he defended himself telling that he is not someone who holds grudges.


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