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An Open letter to Virat – By a fan

Open letter to Virat

An Open Letter to Virat shared by a fan.

Hello Virat Kohli.

It pains. It pains to see people criticize or write you down. For me, a champ who ruled in style is just going through a longer-than-usual rough patch, which, after having watched and followed the game with a religious fervour, I understand is quite natural. Because, at times, even a King must walk on the streets like a Common Man. If not for anyone else, for himself. Not many seem to understand this, though.

The World changed dramatically post Covid. Who would have thought, back in 2019, that Social Distancing would be a thing; Masks and Sanitizers would be a part of our lives; Restaurants would function with 10, 20, 30 or 50 percent capacity; Hospitality industry would take an unprecedented hit; Tourism would go down or, for that matter, Virat Kohli would go through a bad phase?

Normalcy seems to have resumed. The Masks and Sanitizers seem to have lost somewhere in the cupboards; Social Distancing is already in the rear-view mirror, and will soon keep fading till it gradually disappears from the view; the Restaurant and Hospitality Industry has already resurrected; Tourism is already booming.

However, the industry called Virat Kohli seems to be struggling; at best, its crawling, I must acknowledge.

The impeccable bottom hand that once flicked away even the best into oblivion, today seems to receive ultracrepidarian advise from almost anyone around.

The top hand seems to be on point, though.

Your game was always Fitness-Oriented; and hand-eye coordination was always at the Center of your craft. Your Fitness still seems top-notch. The Hand-eye, though, needs unblemished, spotless Neurotransmitters coordinate well. The Mind needs complete clarity, no pre-occupation whatsoever; free of any ‘Inflammation’.

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I’m sure the second wind is just around the corner. You’ll yet again show us what Virat Kohli is; what he can do. It’ll soon be business at the Virat Kohli Industry. You’ll soon start scoring runs for fun; toy around with bowlers from across the globe; Normalcy will resume. And whatever you end up scoring, you’ll always be THE KING. ❤️

Till then, I hope and wish sanity prevails.



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