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Cricket rules that need to be changed

Cricket Rules that should be changed

Cricket Rules that need to be changed, Over time many new rules have been brought into cricket. Marylebone Cricket Club keeps introducing new rules and also modifying existing rules.

Here are five Cricket Rules that need to be changed.

One Bouncer per over:

In limited-overs cricket, a bouncer is allowed per over. With Limited overs cricket being more batter friendly this rule should be relooked. Making one bouncer per over per batter.

Which would mean a bowler can bowl a bouncer to every batter he is bowling to in that over.

Runs scored during DRS:

The umpire’s decision can be reviewed by the batter. However, the run scored on that particular ball before the judgment will not be added to the total.

For example, Last over no 11 is on strike, adjusted LBW after batters have completed a single. If the decision is overturned by the third umpire. the completed run should be added to the total as Legbyes.

Bails to dislodge:

As per the current rules to adjust a batter bails should be dislodged completed from the groove. With modern LED lights being in use. the rule can be amended to LED lights to light up for adjudicating a batter out.

Runs given if the ball ricochets off the batsman:

During the 2019 World Cup finals, When England require 9 runs to win off 3 balls. Ben Stokes dives to complete the second run where balls have his the ricochets and went for a boundary. Six runs were adjudicated to England. This decision had a huge impact on the outcome of the game.

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Umpires Call

With the help of Technology now Umpire Review System is an integral part of the game. The current rule states that in order to overrule an on-field decision, the middle of the ball must hit any part of the stumps that falls below the lower edge of the bails and between the inside half of the outer stumps.
Even 10% of the ball hitting the stumps is good enough to dislodge the bails.

Comment below and say what other Cricket Rules that need to be changed


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