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IPL 2023 Schedule- May’2023

IPL 2023: The IPL 2023 will start on 31st March 2023 with the opening match between Gujarat Titans and Chennai Super Kings in Ahmedabad at the largest cricket stadium in the world, Narendra Modi Stadium….

Dates /Home Team/ Away Team /Venue /TIME

01-05-2023/ Lucknow Super Giants /Royal Challengers Bangalore/ Lucknow /7:30 PM
02-05-2023/ Gujarat Titans /Delhi Capitals/Ahmedabad /7:30 PM
03-05-2023/ Punjab Kings /Mumbai Indians /Mohali /7:30 PM
04-05-2023/ Lucknow Super Giant/ Chennai Super Kings /Lucknow /3:30 PM
04-05-2023/ Sunrisers Hyderabad/ Kolkata Knight Riders Hyderabad 7:30 PM
05-05-2023/ Rajasthan/ Royals/ Gujarat/ Titans /Jaipur/ 7:30 PM
06-05-2023/ Chennai Super Kings Mumbai /Indians/ Chennai /3:30 PM
06-05-2023/ Delhi Capitals /Royals Challengers/ Bangalore /Delhi/ 7:30 PM
07-05-2023/ Gujarat Titans/ Lucknow Super Giants/ Ahmedabad /3:30 PM
07-05-2023/ Rajasthan /Royals Sunrisers Hyderabad /Jaipur /7:30 PM
08-05-2023/ Kolkata Knight Riders /Punjab Kings/ Kolkata /7:30 PM
09-05-2023/ Mumbai Indians /Royal Challengers Bangalore/ Mumbai /7:30 PM
10-05-2023/ Chennai Super Kings/Delhi Capitals /Chennai/ 7:30 PM
11-05-2023/ Kolkata Knight Riders/ Rajasthan Royals /Kolkata /7:30 PM
12-05-2023/ Mumbai Indians /Gujarat Titans /Mumbai /7:30 PM
13-05-2023/ Sunrisers Hyderabad/ Lucknow Super Giants /Hyderabad /3:30 PM
13-05-2023/ Delhi Capitals/ Punjab Kings /Delhi/ 7:30 PM
14-05-2023/ Rajasthan Royals/ Royal Challengers Bangalore/ Jaipur/ 3:30 PM
14-05-2023/ Chennai Super Kings /Kolkata Knight Riders/ Chennai/ 7:30 PM
15-05-2023/ Gujarat Titans /Sunrisers Hyderabad/ Ahmedabad 7:30 PM
16-05-2023/ Lucknow Super Giants/ Mumbai Indians /Lucknow /7:30 PM
17-05-2023/ Punjab Kings /Delhi Capitals/ Dharamshala /7:30 PM
18-05-2023/ Sunrisers Hyderabad /Royal Challengers Bangalore /Hyderabad /7:30 PM
19-05-2023/ Punjab Kings /Delhi Capitals /Dharamshala /7:30 PM
20-05-2023/ Delhi Capitals /Chennai Super Kings/ Delhi /3:30 PM
20-05-2023/ Kolkata Knight Riders /Lucknow Super Giants/ Kolkata /7:30 PM
21-05-2023/ Mumbai Indians /Sunrisers Hyderabad/ Mumbai/3:30 PM
21-05-2023/ Royal Challengers/ Bangalore Gujarat Titans/ Bengaluru /7:30 PM

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