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Many IPL teams had opportunities to buy me but they hadn’t faith on me – Virat Kohli

Virat Kohli reveals many IPL teams had opportunities to buy him but they didn’t faith on him. He also said not winning IPL is not end of the world. Former RCB captain showed his gratitude towards the franchise.

Virat Kohli reveals many IPL teams had opportunities to buy him

Virat Kohli is the only player in the history of IPL to play for one franchise for fifteen years. He was roped by RCB in 2008 when he was just 18. Speaking on the RCB inside show, Virat Kohli revealed that many teams had opportunities to pick him but they didn’t believe on him like RCB did.

“What this franchise has given me in terms of opportunities in the first three years and believed in me that is the most special thing because as I said there are many teams who had the opportunity, but they didn’t back me, they didn’t believe in me,” Kohli said on RCB’s franchisee show on Star Sport

Many franchises wanted to put his name in the auction : Virat Kohli

RCB appointed him as a captain in 2013 and Kohli led the franchise till IPL 2021. He led the team in 140 matches, winning 66 and losing as many as 70. But he left captaincy last year. Kohli also revealed that many franchises wanted to put his name in the auction.

“To be very honest I thought about it. Yes, I won’t shy away from it and I have been approached many times as well to come into the auction somehow, put my name there and stuff. And then I thought about it, I was like at the end of the day everyone has X numbers of years that they live and then you die and life moves on. “

As a captain or player he hasn’t won IPL. He said it’s not end of the world. Former Indian captain also shared his special bond with RCB. He was picked in the IPL draft ahead of the IPL 2022 mega auction for INR 15 crores.

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“There would have been many great people who won trophies but no one addresses you like that. No one addresses you in the room like ‘Oh he’s an IPL champion or he’s a World Cup champion. It’s like if you are a good person, people like you, if you’re a bad guy, they just stay away from you and eventually that’s what life is all about,” Virat said.

Virat Kohli Showed his gratitude towards RCB :

Virat Kohli is one of the two batters who scored more than 6000 runs in the IPL. He scored record 973 runs in a single edition of the IPL. Playing for RCB he has scored 6499 runs from 218 matches including 5 hundreds and 43 fifties.
Former RCB skipper showed his gratitude towards the franchise as he has always been retained by RCB.

“For me the understanding that the loyalty with RCB like how I follow my life is far greater for me than the fact that five people in the room will say Oh finally you win the IPL with whoever xyz. You feel good for five minutes but then sixth minute you could be miserable with some other issues in the life. So it is not the end of the world for me.” former Indian captain added.

“So now when I am successful and I should fall to the opinion of people saying ‘but’ the IPL. This was the case with me till 2018 England tour happened. For four years of my life I was doing well everywhere in the world, the only thing was ‘but England’. So there are always going to be ‘but’, you literally can’t live your life like that and I just carry out doing my own things and I actually honestly don’t even bother about a third person beyond myself and Anushka discussing things and just being true to ourselves and that’s it. For me nothing else or no one else’s opinion matters at all,” Kohli further said.

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